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The Complete IT Asset Management Solution

Modern IT is becoming increasingly complex to manage. As business spend more and more money on their IT infrastructures, their environments are becoming increasingly complex and multi-faceted as they deploy a vast array of wide and local area networks, as well as business systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) modules, customer relationship management (C RM) solutions, and office productivity tools.

  • Do you know what IT assets you have and where they are?
  • Are you under pressure to prove license compliance?
  • Is the complexity and cost of your IT infrastructure spiraling out of control?

AssetEazy Asset Management Suite helps organizations maximize existing IT investments through active asset management by eliminating unnecessary software and hardware costs, managing contracts and entitlements, aligning service resources with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, and realizing asset total cost of ownership (TCO).AssetEazy Asset Management Suite enables your IT organization to implement a series of solutions targeted at solving immediate problems while helping you build a roadmap for the future. Asset Management Suite is segmented into a three-tiered solution. Each solution is defined by different levels of maturity. The suite levels are designed to help guide your IT organization as it matures, and align your organizational resources to industry standards and best practices

Key AssetEazy Asset Manager Software Features
AssetEazy Asset Manager enables IT to assess the current state of the IT infrastructure at any time. By providing comprehensive and up-to-date configuration details, Asset Management software provides a huge strategic advantage by empowering a business.

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