Application Tracking Solutions

Solutions that Simplifies Recruitment

Small to Mid-Size Companies

Automate your recruiting process by using
the Online Application Tracking software ResuManager

The hiring process can take up a lot of your HR department’s time as it processes job application forms,Enters data into the system and forwards job applications to the right manager. This time –consumingProcess can tax your limited HR resources and slow down the entire hiring process. Any delays cost yourFirm money as important positions remain vacant or can result in loosing valuable candidates.

Speed up your recruiting and hiring process by using an HRIS that includes a web-based job applicationModule. These programs automate parts of the recruiting process, reducing the time and steps necessaryto identify the best applicants and get the applications into the hands of the hiring manager.

How does it work?

This means applications can speed through the HR department instead of waiting to be processed… With the data already loaded into ResuManager™, HR can more efficiently pass it on to the hiring manager

Benefits to your organization?

  • Reduces the time it takes to get job applicants to hiring managers
  • Time saving as HR does not get tied up with forms and data entry
  • Accurate data as the job applicant enters his/her own information and assumes responsibility for its Correctness
  • Paperwork reduction
  • Recruiters & managers can open new positions online (and close them when they get filled)
  • Speeding up the posting process
  • The applicant's progress can be tracked more efficiently in ResuManager™.
  • ResuManager™ can generate the appropriate response letters

It's time to put the data entry burden on the person who has the most at stake: the applicant. Applicantstake responsibility for entering their own data, while HR focuses on the "big picture" of hiring the best talentavailable. Your HR staff will say "Great! One less thing to do! I like that!

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