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Zaina HRMS, developed by Zainasoft Solutions is a comprehensive Human Resource Management System Software that brings greater organization and effectiveness to the full range of Human Resource functions and responsibilities. Zaina HRMS provides for easy, accurate and timely retrieval of Employee and activity-oriented information through menu driven, user-friendly operations. The Zaina HRMS software has been designed to meet the information need of all levels of Management and facilitates Decision Support, Planning, Monitoring, Control of Daily Activities.

Zainasoft has developed a revolutionary software Zaina HRMS for Human Resource Management that promises to change the way HR activities have been handled so far. Zaina HRMS makes the functioning of the organisation very lucid and the way it should be presented to the top level manager - transparent.

Zaina HRMS intakes all the raw data of an organisation and moulds it into a strategic powerful management tool. Zaina HRMS enables managers to better understand what exactly is happening in the workforce, given the fact that managers have less time to analyse events within the organisation, react and take a quick but correct decision. Zaina HRMS helps in this aspect by giving graphical analysis of the data required.

The positive impact due to this HR software becomes visible within no more time of implementation. There is a difference in the areas of overtime costs, recruitment and retention of skilled staff, streamlined union grievances, improvement in workforce productivity and morale, and reduced usage of external consultancy/employment agencies. The important aspect that has been incorporated and has been the selling point, is the compliance to the rules and regulations of Government of India. All the government forms are included in the software.

Payroll is handled efficiently through the software by taking into account the attendance for the month. Appropriate heads like Basic, HRA, D.A, Conveyance, etc. can be created by the company and payslips generated smoothly.

The network features of Zaina HRMS are also robust. It can create user groups and can assign different levels of security to each group/user. Accordingly, the level of access to information is restricted to the end user, with the managerial authority having full access and front desk person having the least access.

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